Wharton Business School WMY49 Conference


Dec 3, 2022

For 49 years, the African American MBA Association (AAMBAA) has held the Whitney M. Young, Jr. Memorial Conference. This is the Wharton School’s longest running student-led conference with 400+ attendees.

The Whitney M. Young, Jr. Memorial Conference is a forum for prominent Black business and civic leaders to discuss trends disrupting a breadth of industries and functional areas and drive thoughtful dialogue on how to champion innovation with mature enterprises and new ventures.

The 49th Annual Whitney M. Young, Jr. Memorial Conference will celebrate the significance and power in advancing Black legacies, highlighting the importance of not only leaving one’s own impact but empowering one’s communities to achieve further success. Advancing Black Legacy: Onward and Upward will showcase leaders of both the past and the future and their roles in innovating both the business and civic realms.

Founder & CEO DeShone Kizer was invited to be a marquee speaker at this year’s WMY49 Conference to discuss his entrepreneurial journey.