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Founder DeShone Kizer’s first-hand experiences as a sponsored Jordan Brand NFL Quarterback showed him the power of driving demand through scarcity. DK recognized that certain brands can capture more value in resale than through the initial sale of their products. He became fascinated with the idea of giving creators access to secondary markets.

DK connected with his best friend from Notre Dame, Pat Darché, and they began to work through the logistics of this idea. With Pat’s management experience at an enterprise software provider, they structured the foundation for a business aimed at solving the resale problem.

Despite their vision, the pair lacked a technical skillset to build this platform. They decided to consult Pat’s older brother and fellow Domer, Mike Darché, who was working as a senior full-stack engineer. The new trio set out to build a “social media for products” that would merge the physical and digital worlds.

In early 2021, as the first mainstream NFT wave started making headlines, the team realized that tracking provenance was a perfect fit for blockchain technology. Since then, the three founders have taken a deep dive into the world of web3 and assembled a team of partners and advisors with the knowledge and skills required to merge the web2 and web3 worlds. 

One of None’s technology and physical infrastructure will enable both Creators and Collectors to capitalize on the lifetime value of scarce and desirable collectibles like never before.


There are no dumb questions! To give you some extra context, we included answers to some of the most frequently asked.

One of None is a community just as much as it’s a platform that enables creators to build and launch hybrid assets. At One of None, we’re bridging the gap between the web2 and web3 worlds by allowing collectors to freely exchange between the physical and digital forms of their most One of None limited editions.

With our hybrid asset model, we’re empowering web3 collectors to attach conventional value to their most treasured NFTs, and we’re also enabling web2 collectors to connect everlasting value to their rarest art and collectibles.

The Vault Club NFT is an ERC-721 token that grants membership in the One of None Vault Club. The Vault Club is a community of art enthusiasts, luxury good hypebeasts, collectible junkies, and NFT degens interested in pushing the limits of technology to advance the physical world.

We’ll look to the Vault Club to tell us how they want to interact with the metaverse, and we’ll ensure that One of None continues in alignment with the people’s interests.

Vault Club members will be given exclusive access to One of None products, events, and content. As our core community of collectors, our Vault Club will be the recipient of various giveaways and opportunities to connect with creators.

Those who own a Vault Club NFT will be active participants in building One of None. We will depend on you to help vote on major developmental decisions on how our future platform will look and feel.

In exchange for input on our project, we will reward our loyal community members with Vault Club perks. By owning a Vault Club NFT, you’ll have:

  • Early and exclusive access to our platform
  • Automatic entry into free hybrid asset airdrops
  • Vault Club-only Merch inspired by creators
  • Rewards including pre-sale access to select drops
  • Entry into One of None IRL events and galleries
  • Allow List opportunities with partner NFT projects

There will only be 1,000 Vault Club NFTs released to maintain the exclusivity of our community. We’re excited to announce more information about the drop in the coming days…

More information to come!

Come hang with us on the official One of None Discord!

The Vault Club NFT lasts forever as an art and collectible.

They are all unique ERC-721 tokens; however, they all provide the same access to One of None benefits and perks.

You’ll come to our website at oneofnone.io to mint the Vault Club NFT. Following the initial sale, owners of the NFT will have the opportunity to list on other secondary marketplaces, such as OpenSea.

Yes. You can purchase up to 7 Vault Club NFTs.

Doxxed Founding Team

DeShone Kizer
DeShone Kizer
Pat Darché
Pat Darché
Mike Darché
Mike Darché
Kai Forbath
Kai Forbath