Sansound’s SAN WEAR


Dec 29, 2022

SAN Sound is the first music discovery platform to use next-generation crowdsourcing technology and Web3-enabled audio hardware – designed to bridge the physical and metaphysical social dimensions of music listening. Their mission is to reinvent music discovery for listeners, revolutionize revenue generation for independent musicians, and democratize music taste-making.

SAN W三AR is the world’s first Web3-enabled headphones, featuring sophisticated blockchain security and privacy technologies, which will bridge the physical and metaphysical social dimensions of music listening. SAN W三AR is more than a high-performance headphone; it will be a very limited and collectible ecosystem access key to all things in the SAN music universe.

SAN W三AR is designed to be two things: 

  1. A very limited and collectible ecosystem access key.

  2. A physical/metaphysical canvas for art – as more independent musicians join SAN Sound, our upcoming music discovery platform, they will have the opportunity to release limited collaborative editions of SAN W三AR. We call it ‘Ear Art’.

Working alongside the former director of product at Beats by Dre and Monster, SAN is building next-generation in-ear monitors (IEMs). Beyond integrating best-in-class and proprietary audio drivers, SAN W三AR will be accompanied by social-focused technologies to create a more immersive artist-fan relationship.

As a founding Engineer and a “Golden Ear” at @beatsbydre and @MonsterProducts, Audio Technologist and Inventor David Leung (@Dcrypt0L1) is widely recognized for creating and developing high-quality audio hardware for musicians, such as Dr. Dre, Lady Gaga, and P. Diddy.

SAN W三AR will reinvent audio hardware, bring true collectibility and fashion to audio, and connect the digital and physical soundscape in an exciting new way.

By pre ordering on One of None with either fiat or crypto, you will be given an NFT asset that represents the physical SAN W三AR. Once released, holders of the NFT will be able to claim the physical devices and have them shipped directly to their homes.