NFT.NYC 2022: The One of None Hybrid Gallery


Jun 29, 2022

NFT.NYC 2022

On June 22, 2022, One of None made headlines after taking the Soho streets by storm during NFT.NYC. One of None’s launch event was undoubtedly the culmination of the team’s hard work to transform the company into what it is today. With over 2,500 attendees in just 4 hours, One of None shut down New York’s Crosby Street and superbly demonstrated how to make web3 accessible for everyone. During the takeover, One of None debuted a line of grailed “Hybrid” goods, each of which were individually married to a Connected Digital Asset, aka an NFT, and celebrated the innovation with the community.

Pushing the bounds of where the physical meets the digital, Miami graffiti artist Jona Cerwinske dropped his first-ever fully hybrid collection in the Streets of Soho during NFT.NYC 2022. As the featured performance at One of None’s Hybrid Gallery, Jona created an incredible mural on a custom 8×8 foot wall built by the One of Team, all while being streamed inside the Gallery in real-time. Jona’s work comprises a 16-piece hybrid series with both a digital and physical component to each piece of the wall.

The One of None Hybrid Gallery also featured artists including Terry Urban, Hoop Dream Studio, The Ghost, Blake Jamieson, ICE x Knights of Degen, Fuzi, Siegelman Stable, Art Mobb, Paul Gerben, and Papo, with sounds By DJ Statik Selektah, DJ Luna Rosa, and a special performance by Ollie Chanin. 

The biggest success of this event was the fact that it helped build a bridge between web3 enthusiasts and the general public. “A big goal of ours is to help bridge more offline, physical collectors into the space. And for us, that event really was our way to show our community. It showed that the way we look at web3 is really from a conventional and approachable lens,” Deshone explained.

He continued, “to have physical art right next to the digital counterpart on the walls really shows you the relationship between the physical and digital piece. I really thought that that was our coming out party to show the people the type of community that we’re building. We believe that more and more people will want a platform that facilitates the transition from a physical good to a digital collectible. Our goal at One of None is to be that “brain” and experience, knowing that there are many innovative ways to elevate limited edition products by creating it with a digital counterpart and wearing it in the Metaverse, for example.”

Our vision is to build One of None to be a web3 “brain” that extends beyond the platform itself. In addition to further collaborations with other creators, we envision One of None as a Software as a Service leader. Instead of being an exclusive marketplace that forces creators to drop exclusively with One of None, we are developing technology that artists and brands can integrate into their own platforms and sales channels.

All in all, the launch party was a massive success and a pivotal moment in the story of One of None. The best part is… it’s only the beginning.