Founder's Note 08

Founder's Notes

Jun 6, 2022

When looking to create a name for a business idea, most founders spend weeks putting tons of names on the white board until something feels right. For One of None, the name and the idea came together at virtually the same time. As I sat down in the spring of 2020 fleshing out the concept, I began thinking about descriptive words or phrases that could exemplify the characteristic that made the limited runs of unique art, fashion, and collectibles – there clearly were none. It didn’t matter whether or not the run was 1/1, 1/10, 1/100, or 1/1000 there was something about the 1/X limited pieces that made them irreplicable – they were simply One of None.

Since stumbling upon the name, I’ve begun an unending mission to define our name by connecting with the brilliant minds of the creators who make them. Here, I’ve found my favorite part of my new job. A part of our membership process is to sit down with each creator and give them a spotlight to share the journey of becoming One of None. It’s incredible hearing the unique stories and inspiration that has driven each of them.

It’s always fun to find some commonalities like the desire to break away from the mainstream or the leap-of-faith moments that end up sparking their careers – But, what I find most interesting during my visits with these tastemakers is the unique experiences (typically downfalls) that shape how they view the world. The energy that comes from those moments is what is felt when collectors experience their works.

Suddenly, I feel a deep responsibility to authentically tell the story of each creator we work with and the One of None products they launch with us. Whether you like it or not, the platform we are building isn’t for the everyday buyer. Our platform is built for a collector who appreciates uniqueness as much as the creators appreciate those experiences that make their creations unlike any other. In doing so, we will curate collections of products that separate ourselves from any other platform that attempts to build a similar ecosystem.

We are currently posting some of these spotlights on all of our channels, and will continue to shine light on these individuals as we begin to announce the Founding Members of our community. Check them out and I’m sure you’ll feel what I feel when sitting on the other side of the camera.