Founder's Note 07

Founder's Notes

Mar 15, 2022

You may not know this, but over the course of the last few years, in the midst of building One of None from a drawing board idea to what it is now, we could have cashed out our vision for a quick bag. Countless times. 

We didn’t. We’ve stayed true to the mission that we set out to accomplish way back when, and this has made me the most proud of founders.

The bottom line is, I couldn’t be more grateful for our team’s patience in figuring out the best solution to the problem we set out to solve: enabling creators and collectors to unlock lifetime value. Forever. 

Sounds easy, right? But if only you knew how difficult the task at hand is. From supply chains, to collaboration portals, to custom project drops, to state-of-the-art authentication and military grade inventory management technology. I mean, the list goes on. 

As I sit here before making a big push to build our community Discord, I look back at the last few months in which we spent countless hours learning as much as we could about the best technologies and best in-class physical infrastructures, and putting them together to run our system seamlessly. Our patience and commitment to the first mission of the business has resulted in a platform that I have more confidence in than ever.

One of None will empower a world class roster of creator networks to collaborate and build new hybrid assets using our proprietary tool kit. Once Hybrid assets are ready, One of None provides the only vaulting infrastructure that seamlessly marries physical products to the blockchain. 

At its core, our community-first model is beyond any model out there, bridging the interaction between collectors, artists, and fans. Our goal is to assemble a cohesive mix of passionate creators and collectors who are interested in the intersection between physical experiences and cutting edge technology – all in a single location.

Anyway, I think I’m getting ahead of myself here. Can’t tell you everything yet because you’ve gotta see it first hand! 

Come say hi in our Discord – the first 1,000 people to join the Discord will earn the special “Early One” role, which will give you access to giveaways and important announcements over the coming weeks. We deeply appreciate having you on this journey with us. It means more than you know.