Art Basel 2022


Dec 10, 2022

Artist Seek One and Zuma Miami Partner to Create a One-of-a-Kind Artwork powered by One of None

Seek One has partnered with Zuma, a downtown Miami restaurant specializing in contemporary modern Japanese cuisine, to conceptualize a “One of None” Art Basel experience.

Seek One is known for his one-of-a-kind artwork that fuses iconic figures in pop culture with vintage media and street style. His artwork has been featured in galleries from The Hamptons to Dubai and collected by celebrities such as Carmelo Anthony, Johnathan Cheban (FoodGod), Meghan Trainor and Tony Robbins to name a few. In addition to his gallery showings, he has moved into the world of NFTs and now live art performances as Zuma’s first ever Art Basel partnership.

For his Zuma activation, Seek One partnered with One of None to have a unique piece of art displayed at the front entrance of Zuma in Miami which will be for sale as a Hybrid, meaning both the physical collectible and connected digital asset will be on display. 

By leveraging One of None’s Hybrid Asset Solution, each physical collectible is married to a connected digital asset, allowing brands to track their products’ provenance and gain access to resale value. 

With Hybrids, Collectors can:

  • Vault the physical piece and leave it stored in one of our secure facilities.

  • Redeem the physical piece and ship it to their preferred location. Redeemed products must be sent back to the vault in order to resell on a secondary exchange.

  • Sell the digital title of ownership to another collector, transferring the right to redeem/vault/resell their physical piece.

Using the digital token to facilitate transactions, One of None establishes a full chain of custody from a product’s inception into perpetuity, but it doesn’t stop there. With the tokens, Creators can assign utility in the form of exclusive access to content, events, drops, etc. This means that owning a hybrid allows Collectors to enjoy their tangible good in addition to the access it provides.

With the addition of the Hybrid display and live art performance, this was his most personal and connected event yet. When asked about the prospect of the event’s success, Seek One says, “Connecting with collectors and art lovers on a more personal level and giving them a more in-depth look at my process and mindset (made this event a success).”