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The Vault Club

We’re assembling a passionate community of art enthusiasts, luxury good hypebeasts, collectible junkies, and NFT degens to help us combine the best of both the web2 and web3 worlds.

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Vault Club NFT

The One of None Vault Club is our community of the 1,000 unique Vault Club NFT holders. Membership in the Vault Club means exclusive, lifetime access to the most innovative collector experience IRL and in the metaverse.


Premium Perks. Forever.

Early and exclusive access to our platform

Rewards including pre-sale access to select drops

Entry into One of None IRL events and galleries

Automatic entry into free hybrid asset airdrops

Vault Club-only Merch inspired by creators

Whitelist entry through NFT partnerships


Our goal is to build transparently alongside our community, so we will rely on our Vault Club members to vote on key developmental, experiential, and product-related decisions. Token holders will have access to our private Discord channel and a gated section of our platform.

Launch Roadmap


Phase 1 / Complete

  • Launch Series I & II

    In Summer 2021, we tested our internal drop processes with two artistic collaborations. 

We built products with Brooklyn-based graffiti artist, Blake Jamieson, as well as Los Angeles-based plexiglass artist and founder of Art Mobb, Michael Farhat. 51 out of the 120 lottery winners elected to vault their asset.

  • Design Vault

    We have developed one of the most comprehensive hybrid asset strategies in history. We can now document everything about our physical items to know the differences between what’s real and what’s fake. We rely on military-grade inventory management practices to seamlessly mint physical products on chain.

  • Launch Collective

    Over the past several months, we have assembled a network of creators and creatives to build the foundation of our One of None Collective community. We co-hosted a Social Smash in Brooklyn for NFT NYC 2021, and added 12 new creators to the alpha version of our Creator Portal.


Phase 2 / In Progress

  • Drop Vault Club NFT

    We’re excited to ignite our collector community by dropping the Vault Club NFT. This NFT is designed to enhance the One of None experience for those who are engaged in the Vault Club. Vault Club perks includes on-platform benefits and access to our physical events.

  • Secondary Exchange

    To complete Phase 2, we will launch our official secondary exchange. Collectors will be able to trade assets directly from our app without having to incur fees from third-party exchanges. We will also be able to list all past and future hybrid asset drops for the optimal resale experience.

  • Beta Platform

    Shortly after our NFT drop, we will open a beta version of our application to the public. Collectors will be able to make profiles to use our vaulting and redemption processes, and all launch series winners who decided to vault will be airdropped their tokens. Vault Club members will be automatically placed in the lottery for Launch Series III.


Phase 3 / Coming Soon

  • The One: NFT.NYC

    Our premiere launch event to celebrate our feature rollout will take place around NFT.NYC and all Vault Club members will receive free entry.

  • Metaverse Integrations

    We will commit the majority of our time, energy, and effort into building a full suite of integrations to provide the best hybrid ownership experience imaginable.

  • Hybrid Vault Club Access

    To reward our earliest supporters, we’ll be integrating specialized Vault Club events featuring items in our vault in both the physical world and the metaverse.