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Introducing Hybrid Ownership

At One of None, we’re bridging the gap between the physical and digital worlds by making NFTs approachable for everyone. Imagine if you had the transaction history for all of the limited editions in your possession, stored in an unhackable digital format. NFTs provide several advantages like lifetime chain of custody, and we’re here to bring these digital benefits into the physical world.

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About the Vault

Our Vault allows collectors to authenticate, grade, sell, and store their physical goods. When you own a One of None Hybrid NFT, you decide what happens to the physical.


How Our Hybrids Are Changing The Game

Use the NFT as a ticket to redeem, vault, or sell the physical

Vault your physical with a trusted and secure partner

Check the asset’s profile to view its transaction history

NFTs Made Easy

For those who are new to NFTs, we make it easy to purchase a Hybrid without having to build your own digital wallet or pay with a cryptocurrency that you don’t own. Just follow the steps below to purchase and redeem your item.

How It Works


Purchase with crypto or a credit card.

  • Crypto Wallet

    Select the MetaMask, WalletConnect, or CoinBase Wallet option to connect your existing wallet.

  • Credit Card

    If you use a credit card, you’ll be asked to use a One of None wallet or connect a supported wallet, so we can send you the digital token.


Receive the NFT in your digital wallet.

  • Proof of Ownership

    One of the most essential features of an NFT is its ability to prove who its unique owner is, making counterfeit impossible. By owning the NFT, your purchase is forever stamped on the blockchain for your benefit and for the benefit of future buyers.

  • Ability for Resale

    So long as you own the NFT, you own the right to resell your Hybrid at any time. When purchasing a Hybrid, the NFT acts as an instrument that leaves the door open for resale at any point in the future.


Choose to Vault or Redeem the physical.

  • Vault

    Leave the token’s corresponding physical with us in our Vault, and enjoy the ability to sell the NFT on Opensea (the ability to do this on One of None is coming soon) when you’re ready to liquidate your investment.

  • Redeem

    Visit our Redemption Portal (coming soon) and request to have the corresponding physical shipped to your house, and keep it for as long as you’d like. While the physical is in your possession, your token will lose its ability to transfer out of your digital wallet. When the time is right and you’re ready to part ways with your Hybrid, you can send the physical back into the Vault. Once it’s authenticated and graded, we’ll update your token’s properties and restore the digital’s ability to trade.